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Selling APIs

The eBay Sell APIs let you create applications that allow sellers to configure their eBay seller accounts, create policies that define how they do business, manage their inventories, market their listings, manage orders, and review how their listings are performing. The set RESTful APIs gives you the features and functionality you need to create apps and applications that handle all the intricacies of the selling life cycle.

The selling life cycle

Generally speaking, each eBay seller iterates through three basic phases as they buy and sell items:

  • Purchase (add) inventory
  • Process orders
  • Manage inventory levels

Improving sales performance

In addition to the basic tasks of the life cycle, sellers also improve their selling rates by:

  • Marketing their inventory – running ads (Promoted Listings) and discount promotions
  • Tracking sales performance
  • Improving seller performance – reporting on traffic and sales and how to analyze and act on performance data

The Sell APIs

The eBay Sell APIs comprise the following sets of APIs:

  • Account API - Gives sellers the ability to configure their seller accounts. Sellers can provide Fulfillment, Payment, and Return policies for their business, opt-in to and out of eBay seller programs, and create sales tax tables for countries that have different sales tax jurisdictions.
  • Analytics API - Gives sellers the ability to retrieve performance ratings on their seller accounts, as well as run traffic reports that detail buyer traffic to their item listings.
  • Fulfillment API - Enables sellers to manage the completion of an order in accordance with the payment method and timing specified at checkout.
  • Inventory API - Lets sellers input and track the items they have in their inventories. Plus, they can define inventory locations to help with track their available items that are housed in different locations.
  • Marketing API - Gives sellers the ability to improve their sales via discounted items (Promotions) and for fee prominent position in the search results (Promoted Listings). Both Promotions and Promoted Listings also get exposure in the various marketing panels on the site.
  • Metadata API - Lets sellers get information on the policies that define what can be listed in each of the categories of different eBay marketplaces. You can also use this API to retrieve information on sales tax jurisdictions, which you can use to set up sales-tax tables that ease the task of calculating final values.

You can also use the Taxonomy API (a Commerce API) to assist sellers in determining the best category under which to offer an item, or the appropriate categories to include in a campaign or a promotion.

Sell API documentation

The following sets of documentation are provided to get you up and running with the Sell APIs: