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Marketing API release notes

Just getting started with the Marketing API? See the following documents for details on using this API:

The API release history

The following table lists the releases for the Marketing API:


Release Date

Summary of Release

Version 1.3.0


Version 1.3.0 contains the following updates:

  • Added new Promotion report call
  • Changed some errors to warnings
  • Added information about using the new Taxonomy API to retrieve category IDs to the documentation.

Version 1.2.0


Added seven new calls that support the new reporting feature for Promoted Listings.

Version 1.1.0


Added a new call that returns the listings in a Promotion.

Added a container to support creating Promotions using a set of rules.

Version 1.0.0


Initial release of Version 1.

Version 1.3.0

The following sections detail the updates that have been made for this release.

Added Promotion report call

The Get Promotions Report call was added. This call generates a report for all the seller's RUNNING, PAUSED, or ENDED promotions for the specified eBay marketplace. It summarizes the seller's performance at a promotion level on a given site. You must specify the eBay marketplace and can limit the report by using a search keyword or by specifying the promotion status to include. You can also control the number of promotions returned in the result set.

Changed errors to warnings

In the Create Item Promotion and Update Item Promotion calls the following ERRORS were changed to WARNINGS.





38226 REQUEST WARNING The listing ID must be numeric if you're using listingIds.
38227 REQUEST WARNING The listing ID is invalid.
38263 REQUEST WARNING The SKU or custom label used in inventoryReferenceId exceeds the maximum length, which is {skuLength}.
38272 BUSINESS WARNING This listing is not eligible for a promotion because it's an auction-style listing.
38273 BUSINESS WARNING This listing is not eligible for a promotion because it's a minimum advertised price (MAP) listing.
38274 BUSINESS WARNING You haven't included PayPal as a payment method. In order to make this listing eligible, update it to include PayPal.
38275 BUSINESS WARNING This SKU used in inventoryReferenceId matches an item that is part of a listing with variations. This SKU is only eligible if we add all of the listing variations. To add this listing, use the parent, or main, SKU (custom label).
345112 REQUEST WARNING Invalid Store category. Please refer to API documentation to source allowed values.
345113 REQUEST WARNING Invalid Marketplace Category ID. Please refer to API documentation to source allowed values.

Added using Taxonomy API information

The list of eBay category IDs is not published, but you can use the Taxonomy API to retrieve the default category tree for a seller's marketplace. The Taxonomy API provides calls that enable the seller to browse or search the category tree hierarchy and select categories to use as criteria for the promotion. See the Taxonomy API.

Version 1.2.0

The following new calls have been added to the Marketing API for Promoted Listings.

Version 1.1.0

The following sections detail the updates that have been made for this release.

New calls

There was one new call added.

Get Listings in Specific Promotion - GET /promotion/{promotion_id}/get_listing_set
This call returns a paged collection of the listings associated with the specified promotion.

Schema changes

The following sections detail any changes to the schema.

Added new inventoryCriterion.ruleCriteria container

The inventoryCriterion.ruleCriteria container was added to the Create Item Promotion, Get Item Promotion, and Update Item Promotion calls. This enables sellers to select the listings for a promotion by setting rules, such as a list eBay or seller's Store category IDs, constrained by min and max price, brand, or condition. You can explicitly exclude up to 100 eBay listing IDs or seller inventory reference IDs (also known as SKU or custom label). A promotion can have multiple rules.

Documentation changes and errata

More examples were added to the Promotion Code Examples document and it was retitled to Specifying Discounts. Note the filename and location were not changed.

Version 1.0.0

This is the initial release of the Marketing API, Version 1.

For a list of the new calls, see the Marketing API Reference.