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Browse API overview

The Browse API is part of the eBay Buy APIs. It retrieves items and item details for active eBay listings to help buyers find the items they want to buy easily. Use the Browse API with the Order API to create a buying application that lets users, eBay members or guests, buy from eBay sellers without visiting the eBay site. The Buy APIs provide a unique opportunity to bring off-eBay purchases to your site.



Using the Browse API, you can create a rich selection of items for your buyers to browse with keyword and category searches.

If search returns an item group (i.e., item with multiple variations), you can retrieve each purchasable item. And, in turn, you can get details for a given purchasable item.

This API uses the following resources:

  • ITEM_SUMMARY – basic information for an item, such as title, pricing, image, and seller. (Search for Items call)
  • ITEM - detailed information for a purchasable items and item groups to enable users to make buying decisions. In addition to the basic item information, such as pricing and title, the item details include shipping options, product review data, item location, condition, return policy terms, and more. This resource also provides bridge between the RESTful Buy APIs and the legacy APIs, such as Trading and Finding. (Get Item calls)

For more details, see Buying Integration Guide.

Use cases

When used with the other Buy APIs, the Browse API lets you create shopping/buying opportunities virtually anywhere. For example, your buyers can have a seamless buying experience woven into a social application.

Dependencies, Limitations, and Restrictions

Please note the following constraints for the Browse API.

API Dependencies

The Browse API is designed to be used together with the Buy APIs to create cohesive shopping, browsing, buying applications. The item identifiers used in the Buy APIs are not compatible with the eBay legacy APIs, such as Trading and Finding. The Browse API Get Item By Legacy Id call lets you submit a legacy item Id and it returns the Buy API item Id. For details, see the Legacy API compatibility section of the Buying Integration Guide.

Regional/site constraints

The Browse API is currently supported for the following eBay sites.

  • EBAY-AU - Australia (
  • EBAY-CA - Canada (English) (
  • EBAY-DE - Germany (
  • EBAY-IT - Italy (
  • EBAY-UK - Great Britain (
  • EBAY-US - USA (

eBay policies and rules

Although the eBay Buy APIs are available for anyone to use in eBay's sandbox environment, use of the APIs in production is restricted. Users must meet standard eligibility requirements, get approvals from eBay support organizations, and sign contracts with eBay and PayPal to access the Buy APIs in production.

See Production eligibility requirements in the Buying Integration Guide for more information.