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eBay Fulfillment APIVersion 1.2.0


This type contains shipping information for a fulfillment, including the carrier, the service, and the shipment destination.

Type that uses ShippingStep:

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shippingCarrierCode ( string ) [0..?]
The code identifying the shipping carrier for this fulfillment.

Note: The Trading API's ShippingCarrierCodeType enumeration contains the most current list of eBay shipping carrier codes and the countries served by each carrier. See ShippingCarrierCodeType.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use shippingCarrierCode.

shippingServiceCode ( string ) [0..?]
The eBay code identifying the shipping service used for this fulfillment.

Note: To get a complete list of available shipping services, applications should call the Trading API's GeteBayDetails call with a DetailName value of ShippingServiceDetails. To check for the shipping services available for a specific site, specify the site ID in the header. See also ShippingServiceCodeType.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use shippingServiceCode.

shipTo ( Contact ) [0..?]
Contains information about the individual or organization to whom the fulfillment package will be shipped.

Note: For a Global Shipping Program shipment, this is the address of the international shipping provider's domestic warehouse. The international shipping provider is responsible for delivery to the final destination address. For more information, see Addressing a Global Shipping Program Shipment.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use shipTo.