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eBay Fulfillment APIVersion 1.2.0

Call Index

This API Reference describes the elements and attributes for each call in the Fulfillment API.

The Fulfillment API enables you to manage the fulfillment process for shipping specific eBay orders.

Note: The Fulfillment API is designed for use on behalf of eBay sellers only.

Field Index      Enumeration Index      Type Index     

Call Summary Samples
  Get Orders
GET /order
Search for and retrieve the details of multiple orders. view
  Get an Order
GET /order/{orderId}
Retrieve the details of a specific order. view
  Create a Shipping Fulfillment
POST /order/{orderId}/shipping_fulfillment
Define a package and its shipping information for an order. view
  Get Shipping Fulfillments
GET /order/{orderId}/shipping_fulfillment
Retrieve the details of all shipping fulfillments defined for an order. view
  Get a Shipping Fulfillment
GET /order/{orderId}/shipping_fulfillment/{fulfillmentId}
Retrieve the details of a specified shipping fulfillment definition for an order. view