eBay Browse APIVersion v1_beta.4.0

Call Index

This API Reference describes the elements and attributes for each call in the Browse API.

The Browse API provides interfaces that retrieve items using various mechanisms.

The table below lists all the calls in this API grouped by resource.

Field Index      Enumeration Index      Type Index

Call Summary Samples
  Get Item
GET /item/{item_id}
Retrieves the details of the specified item. view
  Get Item Feed
GET /item_feed
Returns the items in the specified feed file. view
  Get Item Group
GET /item_group/{item_group_id}
Retrieves the specified group of items. view
  Search for Items
GET /item_summary/search
Searches for eBay items by keyword. Optionally, you can apply filters, sort the list, and control the number of items returned on each page of data. view