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eBay Account APIVersion 1.2.0


Root container for a seller's payment policy. The paymentPolicy encapsulates seller's payment terms and consists of payment details for the seller, the name and description of the policy, and the marketplace and category group(s) to which the payment policy is applied. While each sellers must define at least one payment policy, sellers can define multiple payment policies by specifying a different eBay marketplace for each policy.

Type that uses PaymentPolicy:

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categoryTypes ( array of CategoryType ) [0..?]
The CategoryTypeEnum value to which this policy applies. Used to discern accounts that sell motor vehicles from those that don't. (Currently, each policy can be set to only one categoryTypes value at a time.)
See the Field Index to learn which calls use categoryTypes.

deposit ( Deposit ) [0..?]
This container is applicable only if the field is set to 'MOTORS_VEHICLES'. In this case, sellers can use this field to specify amounts and due dates for deposits and full payments for motor vehicle listings on eBay Motors.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use deposit.

description ( string ) [0..?]
An optional seller-defined description of the payment policy.

Max length: 250
See the Field Index to learn which calls use description.

fullPaymentDueIn ( TimeDuration ) [0..?]
This field applies to motor vehicles listings only and indicates when a final payment for the vehicle is due. This value is always returned if categoryTypes is set to MOTORS_VEHICLES.

This seller-specified value indicates the number of days that a buyer has to make their full payment to the seller and close the remaining balance on a motor vehicle transaction. The period starts when the buyer commits to buy. The valid values, as specified with TimeDuration, are:
  • 3 DAYS
  • 7 DAYS (the default)
  • 10 DAYS
  • 14 DAYS
In order for a buyer to make a full payment on a US or CA motor vehicle, at least one of the following paymentMethods values must be specified for the corresponding payment policy:
Default: 7 DAYS (Note that this value is supported by a compound type.)
See the Field Index to learn which calls use fullPaymentDueIn.

immediatePay ( boolean ) [0..?]
Set this value to true to indicate that payment is due upon receipt (eBay generates a receipt when the buyer agrees to purchage an item).

This boolean must be set in the payment policy if the seller wants to create a listing that has an "immediate payment" requirement. The seller can change the immediate payment requirement at any time during the lifecyle of a listing.

The following must be true before a seller can apply an immediate payment requirement to an item:
  • The seller must have a PayPal Business account.
  • The Buy It Now price cannot be higher than $60,000 USD.
  • The eBay marketplace on which the item is listed must support PayPal payments.
  • The listing type must be fixed-price, or an auction with a Buy It Now option.
To enable the immediate payment requirement, the seller must also perform the following actions via API calls:
  • Provide a valid paymentProfile.paymentInfo.paypalEmailAddress value.
  • Offer PayPal as the only payment method for the item(s).
  • Specify all related costs to the buyer (because the buyer is not be able to use the Buyer Request Total feature in an immediate payment listing); these costs include flat-rate shipping costs for each domestic and international shipping service offered, package handling costs, and any shipping surcharges.
  • Include and set the shippingProfileDiscountInfo container values if you are going to use promotional shipping discounts.
For more information, see the Understanding immediate payment Help page.

Note: Listings created with the Inventory API must reference a payment policy that has immediatePay is set to true. Items listed with the Inventory API must also be fixed-price good-till-canceled (GTC) listings where PayPal is the only supported payment method (paymentMethod must be set to PAYPAL).Default: false
See the Field Index to learn which calls use immediatePay.

marketplaceId ( MarketplaceIdEnum ) [0..?]
The ID of the eBay marketplace to which the payment policy applies. If this value is not specified, value defaults to the seller's eBay registration site.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use marketplaceId.

name ( string ) [0..?]
A user-defined name for this fulfillment policy. Names must be unique for policies assigned to the same marketplace.

Max length: 64
See the Field Index to learn which calls use name.

paymentInstructions ( string ) [0..?]
This user-defined field allows the seller to give payment instructions to the buyer. These instructions appear on the eBay View Item and Checkout pages.

eBay recommends the seller use this field to clarify payment policies for motor vehicles (eBay Motors US and CA). For example, sellers can include the specifics on the deposit (if required), pickup/delivery arrangements, and full payment details on the vehicle.

Max length: 500
See the Field Index to learn which calls use paymentInstructions.

paymentMethods ( array of PaymentMethod ) [0..?]
A list of the payment methods accepted by the seller. Each payment policy must specify at least one payment method.

Note: Each eBay marketplace supports and requires its own set of payment methods, and not all marketplaces allow all payment methods. Check the specifics of the marketplaces where you list items to ensure your payment policies meet the payment method requirements needed for any specific listing. Note: Item listings created with the Inventory API must reference a payment policy that has this value set to PAYPAL (currently, the Inventory API supports only fixed-prince GTC items with immediate pay (which required payments to be made via PayPal). Payment policies used with motor vehicle listings that require a deposit must have PayPal listed has a payment method (deposits require PayPal as the payment method). Also, in order for a buyer to make a full payment on a US or CA motor vehicle, the payment policy must specify at least one of the following as a payment method:
  • CashOnPickup
  • LoanCheck
  • MOCC (money order or cashier's check)
  • PaymentSeeDescription (payment instructions are in the paymentInstructions field)
  • PersonalCheck
See the Field Index to learn which calls use paymentMethods.

paymentPolicyId ( string ) [0..?]
A unique eBay-assigned ID for this policy.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use paymentPolicyId.