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eBay Account APIVersion 1.2.0


Container with the selected payment method.

Types that use PaymentMethod:

Calls that use PaymentMethod:


brands ( array of PaymentInstrumentBrandEnum ) [0..?]
A list of credit card brands accepted by the seller. eBay displays the settings in this field if paymentMethodType is set to CREDIT_CARD.

Note: Different eBay marketplaces may or may not support this field. Use the Trading API GetCategoryFeatures call with FeatureID set to PaymentMethods and DetailLevel set to ReturnAll to see what credit card brands your site(s) support. If the GetCategoryFeatures call returns details on credit card brands for the cateogries you sell in to, then you can use this field to list the credit card brands you accept. If, on the other hand, GetCategoryFeatures does not enumerate credit card brands for your tartet site (for example, if it returns PaymentMethod set to CCAccepted), then this field is not supported for that marketplace.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use brands.

paymentMethodType ( PaymentMethodTypeEnum ) [0..?]
The payment method, selected from the supported payment method types.

Note: If you create item listings using the Inventory API, you must set this field to PAYPAL (currently, the Inventory API supports only fixed-prince GTC items where the only paymentMethod supported is PayPal).
See the Field Index to learn which calls use paymentMethodType.

recipientAccountReference ( RecipientAccountReference ) [0..?]
Recipient account information, like PayPal email. If the payment method is PayPal, this structure contains the recipient's PayPal email address.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use recipientAccountReference.