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eBay Account APIVersion 1.2.0


This enumerated type lists the unique IDs for each of the eBay marketplaces.

Types that use MarketplaceIdEnum:

Calls that use one or more values of MarketplaceIdEnum:

Enumeration Values

Value Description
EBAY_AT eBay Austria (
EBAY_AU eBay Australia (
EBAY_BE eBay Belgium (
EBAY_CA eBay Canada (English) (
EBAY_CH eBay Switzerland (
EBAY_CN eBay China (
EBAY_CZ eBay Czech Republic (
EBAY_DE eBay Germany (
EBAY_DK eBay Denmark (
EBAY_ES eBay Spain (
EBAY_FI eBay Finland (
EBAY_FR eBay France (
EBAY_GB eBay Great Britain (
EBAY_GR eBay Greece (
EBAY_HALF_US The site (
EBAY_HK eBay Hong Kong (
EBAY_HU eBay Hungary (
EBAY_ID eBay Indonesia (
EBAY_IE eBay Ireland (
EBAY_IL eBay Israel (
EBAY_IN eBay India (
EBAY_IT eBay Italy (
EBAY_JP eBay Japan (
EBAY_MY eBay Malaysia (
EBAY_NL eBay Netherlands (
EBAY_NO eBay Norway (
EBAY_NZ eBay New Zealand (
EBAY_PE eBay Peru (
EBAY_PH eBay Philippines (
EBAY_PL eBay Poland (
EBAY_PR eBay Puerto Rico (
EBAY_PT eBay Portugal (
EBAY_RU eBay Russia (
EBAY_SE eBay Sweden (
EBAY_SG eBay Singapore (
EBAY_TH eBay Thailand (
EBAY_TW eBay Taiwan (
EBAY_VN eBay Vietnam (
EBAY_ZA eBay South Africa (
  * See the Enumeration Index to see exact use of each enumeration value in the API.