Affiliate Tracking Concepts

Affiliates earn money from eBay for driving traffic to eBay. eBay knows that a sale came from your application because you include an affiliate ID in your API calls.


Earn Commissions

Affiliate Tracking Enabled for Several Trading API Calls

Earn Commissions

Affiliate-related fields, which are passed in through in the AffiliateTrackingDetails container of Trading API's PlaceOffer call, or passed in through HTTP headers in Shopping API calls, enable the tracking of user activity. If you use affiliate-related fields, it is possible to obtain affiliate commissions based on calls made by your application.

The AffiliateTrackingDetails container has fields such as TrackingPartnerCode, TrackingID, and AffiliateUserID.

The TrackingPartnerCode specifies the third party who is your tracking partner. It is required. Not all partners are valid for all sites. If you are registered with the eBay Partner Network, the TrackingPartnerCode is 9.

The TrackingID specifies an ID to identify you to your tracking partner. The value you specify is obtained from your tracking partner. If you are in the eBay Partner Network, the TrackingID is the Campaign ID ("campid") provided by the eBay Partner Network. A Campaign ID is a 10-digit, unique number. A Campaign ID is valid across all programs to which you have been accepted.

The AffiliateUserID need not be specified. You can define an AffiliateUserID (up to 256 characters) if you want to leverage it to better monitor your marketing efforts. If you are using the eBay Partner Network, and you provide an AffiliateUserID, the tracking URL returned by eBay Partner Network will contain the AffiliateUserID, but it will be referred to as a "customid".

The following example shows sample input with the AffiliateTrackingDetails container:

Example: Sample Input for Affiliate Tracking

When you use the AffiliateTrackingDetails container, a URL is returned that includes information for tracking user activity.

The following example shows a sample URL returned after you specified a TrackingPartnerCode of 9 in the AffiliateTrackingDetails container:

Example: Sample Output URL For Affiliate Tracking

For information about the eBay Partner Network (eBay Affiliate Program), see the following location:

eBay Partner Network

Affiliate Tracking Enabled for Several Trading API Calls

For more information about the AffiliateTrackingDetails container, see the topics for the calls for which affiliate tracking is enabled:


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