Getting Your Keys

For an application to be able to operate in the Production or the Sandbox environment, it needs to have the appropriate IDs for that environment. These IDs are referred to as development keys (because they unlock the door into the particular development environment). Development keys consist of a set of data that identifies the application and its developer. You use these keys when you generate an authentication token for a user.

When you join the eBay Developers Program, you are provided with key sets for your application. The key set for the Sandbox is different from the key set for the Production environment. (Keys for the Sandbox cannot be used to make API calls in the Production environment. Conversely, Production keys cannot be used to make API calls in the Sandbox.)

Please see Getting a Compatible Application Check.

Your keys consist of three IDs:

Table: Development Keys
Value Meaning
DevID Unique identifier for the developer's (or company's) account.
AppID Unique identifier for the application.
CertID Certificate that authenticates the application when making API calls. Not to be confused with user-level authentication tokens. See Security.


The keys are created by and maintained at eBay. You cannot choose your own keys. To retrieve your keys at any time, you can use the following location:

Account Information (requires signin)

You can view and track an application's API usage with the API Usage Report. (Note that multiple AppID/CertID pairs can be issued for a single DevID.)

Your API Usage Report (requires signin)

For an example of where to use these keys in an application, see the eBay Developers Program API Tutorials.

When you execute an API call, your request needs to pass these basic security checks:

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