eBay Bulk Data Exchange APIVersion 1.5.0

Call Index

Note: Large Merchant Services (LMS) functionality as a SOAP service is deprecated and will be decommissioned by the end of April 2022. It is fully migrated into the REST-based Sell Feed API The Sell Feed API supports the same XML data files that LMS supported but through REST methods. For more information, see the LMS Migration Guide.

This API Reference describes the elements and attributes for each call in the Bulk Data Exchange API.

Additional resources are available for this API. Please see the eBay Developer Documentation Center.

See also the calls in the eBay Trading API.

Call Summary Samples
abortJob Stops (aborts) processing the uploaded file. view
abortRecurringJobExecution Deletes the next instance of a recurring job. view
activateRecurringJob Restarts a recurring job that has been suspended. view
createRecurringJob Creates a recurring Bulk Data Exchange Job. view
createUploadJob Creates a Bulk Data Exchange Job and assigns it a job ID and a file reference ID. view
deleteRecurringJob Deletes recurring job. view
getJobs Lists Bulk Data Exchange jobs for this Seller ID. view
getJobStatus Get job status for the provided job ID.. view
getRecurringJobExecutionHistory Returns all instances of a recurring job that have occurred so far. view
getRecurringJobExecutionStatus Check recurring job execution status. view
getRecurringJobs Get all recurring jobs submitted by this seller. view
startDownloadJob Begins processing the data for a report file the you will download. view
startUploadJob Begins processing the data in the uploaded file. view
suspendRecurringJob Stops the processing for a recurring job. view