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JavaScript Developer Center

Use JavaScript, JSON, or AJAX with any of the APIs below to interact with the eBay servers.

All APIs let you make direct calls in your language. Some APIs also have SDKs to automate common development tasks.

For a quick reference of the types of applications and functionality associated with eBay APIs, see API by feature »


  • eBay Finding API: Search for items using eBay's next generation Finding Platform. »


  • Trading API: Secure, authenticated access to private eBay data. List or buy eBay items. »
  • Large Merchant Services: Solution optimized for large-merchant needs. »
  • Best Match Item Details API: Find your item’s ranking, and see how you stack up against your competitors. »
  • Product Services: Retrieve product and product metadata information used for listing items with Parts Compatibility. »
  • Research API for eBay (powered by DataUnison): Retrieve historical eBay data. Go to the DataUnison site to learn more »


  • Shopping API: Search for and browse eBay items fast! Best API for widgets. »
  • Merchandising API: Retrieve deals and popular items. Make your affiliate application pay off! »


  • Feedback API: Retrieve Detailed Seller Ratings reports. Improve your selling strategy and business model! »


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