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Business Benefits

The eBay platform offers an unprecedented opportunity to build a new eBay business or expand your current business, reach new customers, and create a potential new stream of revenue. 

Largest eCommerce Opportunity on the Web
There are so many ways to make money on the eBay platform. Check out a few of the business models we've seen work, and get inspired!

Powerful Suite of Web Services
With our suite of Web Services, you can reproduce almost any eBay feature and retrieve almost any kind of data. For example, use our robust Trading API to securely list or manage a seller's items. Or use our lightweight Shopping API to retrieve popular items for your online widget.

Program in a language you already know
We don't lock you into a language or force you to learn a new language. That's what makes it so easy to integrate the eBay Web Services with your existing desktop or web app.

Free to Join and Use
Joining is free, and you get 5,000 API calls a day just for joining. When you're ready to take it to the next level, file a free Compatible Application Check request. Pass, and we'll upgrade you to 1.5 million calls a day. Plus you'll be able to create a listing in our Solutions Directory.

Free resources to help you build your killer app

  • Tutorials: Find a tutorials for your API and language.
  • Samples: Get up and running fast.
  • Documentation: Fully searchable docs have everything you want to know about eBay features and how to implement them yourself.
  • And more »

Inspire the trust of your customers
3rd-party developers can leverage program logos to let their customers know that they are a member of the program. Pass the Compatible Application Check, and you can proudly display that your application is compatible with the eBay platform.

Free resources to help you promote your app

  • Marketing Handbook: Valuable information for navigating the eBay landscape and marketing your solution to the eBay community
  • Solutions Directory: List your app where eBay Buyers and Sellers look for solutions. One listing when you pass our free AppCheck.
  • Get featured in our blog: Got a cool tool? Contact and make your elevator pitch. You might just make it into the blog.
  • Star Developer Awards: Once a year we celebrate the best of the best! Watch the blog for our call for nominations and let us know why you are a star developer.

Stay informed

  • Blog: Read the blog or subscribe to the feed to hear updates as they happen.
  • Release Notes: View enhancements in each release.
  • System Announcements: Get the current status of the API, the Sandbox testing environment, and the SDKs.
  • Biweekly Newsletter: Get a summary of all the news over the last two weeks.