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Buying Integration Guide

The eBay Buy APIs provide the capabilities you need to create an off-eBay shopping experience that lets your users find and buy items listed on eBay. These are RESTful APIs that use OAuth authentication, JSON payloads, and eBay HTTP headers. These APIs are supported on the US site and will be supported on other eBay sites in the future.

You can use the eBay Buy APIs to build an application that displays eBay items, lets shoppers purchase their items, and lets you obtain details about specific purchase orders. Shoppers can be guests or eBay members. With guest shoppers, the buyer is anonymous and you must provide all their information. With eBay members, the buyer is signed into eBay.

Important! The eBay Buy APIs are available as a public beta release. Accordingly, there may be some limitations and conditions on their use. For more information, refer to API launch stages in the Using eBay RESTful APIs guide.