eBay Post-Order APIVersion 2

Get Custom List Info

GET /post-order/v2/rules/custom_list_detail

This call allows a a specific item or category custom list active in return preferences.


See also Samples.

Resource URI (production)

GET https://api.ebay.com/post-order/v2/rules/custom_list_detail

This call has no path or query parameters.

HTTP request headers

All requests made to eBay REST operations require you to provide the authorization HTTP header for authentication.
See HTTP request headers for details.


This call uses standard authorization tokens. See Making a Call for details.

Payload model

This call has no request payload.


See also Samples.

Payload model

Note: For information about the error fields and how to work with them, see Error Handling.

The following lists all fields that could be included in the response.

Supported response formats: application/json, application/xml

For more information:
- See GetCustomListDetailResponse for a description of the response structure
- See the following table for descriptions of each of the data elements returned
- See the Samples for an example of the response format

{ /* GetCustomListDetailResponse */
    { /* CustomListDetailType */
    "listData": [
        { /* CustomListDataType */
        "id": integer,
        "identify": string,
        "name": string
        /* More CustomListDataType nodes here */
    "listId": integer,
    "listName": string,
    "listType": string

Response field descriptions

Output Container/Field Type Occurrence Meaning
listDetail CustomListDetailType Always This container consists of details related to the custom list.
listDetail.listData array of CustomListDataType Always This container consist of one or more id and name pairs. For an item list, these pairs identify the item ID and the item title. For a category list, these pairs identify the category ID and the category name.
listDetail.listData.id integer Conditionally The unique identifier of the custom list.
listDetail.listData.identify string Conditionally This field identifies the custom list.
listDetail.listData.name string Conditionally The name of the custom list.
listDetail.listId integer Always The unique identifier of the custom list. This unique identifier is created by eBay upon successful creation of a custom list. This field is not applicable to the request payload of the createCustomList call.
listDetail.listName string Always This is the name given to the list by the seller. A list name is required.
listDetail.listType string Always This enumeration value indicates the type of list.

Applicable values are from CustomListType:

Indicates the custom list type is an item list.
Indicates the custom list type is unknown.

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