Resolving Order Issues

This section describes the features of the Post-Order API, a RESTful set of operations that allow users to partially or fully automate post-purchase flows like returns, item inquiries, order cancellations, and buyer/seller disputes. The Post-Order API is available to buyers and sellers on the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and Canada (English and French) sites. The Post-Order API will mostly be useful to sellers, but there are some calls that buyers may find useful.

The major features of the API include:

Section Topics:

Handling Order Cancellations

Handling Returns

Handling Order Inquiries

Escalating and Resolving a Case

Important! The Post-Order API contains both seller- and buyer-facing interfaces. Normally, you will implement only the seller-facing interfaces in your applications; the buyer-facing calls are included to facilitate application testing (buyers use eBay web flows to initiate cancellations, returns, inquiries, and escalations).

Although you can still use the Trading, Resolution Case Management, and Return Management APIs to handle after-sale flows, new fields were recently introduced in the Trading API to help streamline after-sale activities, and you must use the Post-Order API to take advantage of these updated features in your applications. The material presented in these sections discuss how to incorporate the new fields into your existing after-sale flows, as well as the minimum changes needed to create the the best possible buyer experiences.

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