Making an API Call

This section of the Features Guide covers two parts of working with eBay SOA APIs. The first half discusses how to construct an API call. The second half, starting with Getting Your Keys, discusses how to access the eBay resources and environments with which you can put the call to use in an application. Your home base for application development is the eBay Developers Program.


About eBay Login Credentials

System Requirements

Overview of the API Schema

Standard Data for All Calls

Selecting Fields to Retrieve

Routing the Request

Error Handling

The Object Model of the eBay SDK for Java

Getting Your Keys

Testing in the SandBox

Getting Tokens

Using Live Data in Production

Using Best Practices

To perform a particular task with the Trading API (e.g., list an item), you need to send a request using a call. The call names are fairly self-explanatory, like AddItem—which lists an item. The schema defines the messages that you can use to access the eBay database. The API uses request-response style operations.

About eBay Login Credentials

The following login credentials are completely independent and not interoperable across the following sites.

Important: You can avoid common problems that new eBay developers encounter if you understand the differences between the following credentials.

Table: eBay Login Credentials
Login Credentials Used By Site Where Used Get Credentials
eBay username and password eBay member (real buyer or seller) eBay site UI (and corresponding international sites) (for eBay US site)
eBay Production authentication token API calls on behalf of a real eBay user eBay API (programmatic access only)
eBay Developers Program username and password Developer eBay Developer site
eBay Sandbox username and password Test user (test buyer or test seller) eBay Sandbox UI Creating a Sandbox Test User
eBay Sandbox authentication token API calls on behalf of a test user eBay Sandbox API (programmatic access only) Generating Auth Tokens for Sandbox Test Users

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