eBay Trading APIVersion 1131


Contains a seller's cut off time preferences for same day handling for item shipping.

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CutoffTime ( time ) [0..1]
If the seller specifies a DispatchTimeMax value of 0 to indicate same day handling for an item, the seller's shipping commitment depends on the value of CutoffTime for the eBay site on which the item is listed.

For orders placed (and cleared payment received) before the indicated cut off time, the item must be shipped by the end of the current day. For orders completed on or after the cut off time, the item must be shipped by the end of the following day (excluding weekends and local holidays).

Note: This field is not applicable for sellers who have opted into the Handling Time Option of eBay Guaranteed Delivery, as this field only shows a single order cutoff time, but with the Handling Time Option, a seller can set a different order cutoff time for each business day. Currently, eBay Guaranteed Delivery is only available in the US. CutoffTime has a default initial value for each eBay site, but you can use SetUserPreferences to override the default for individual sellers. The default value for most eBay sites is 2:00PM local time. Enter times in 30 minute increments from the top of the hour. That is, enter values either on the hour (:00) or 30 minutes past the hour (:30). Other values will be rounded down to the next closest 30 minute increment. Times entered should be local to the value provided for TimeZoneID.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use CutoffTime.