eBay Trading APIVersion 1125


This type is used to express sales tax details for one or more tax jurisdictions. The concept of 'sales tax' is only applicable to eBay US and Canada (English and French) sites.

Types that use TaxTableType:

Calls that use TaxTableType:


TaxJurisdiction ( TaxJurisdictionType ) [0..*]
In a SetTaxTable, a TaxJurisdiction container is required for each tax jurisdiction that the seller wishes to make additions/changes. Sales tax details for zero or more jurisdictions (states, provinces, etc). This can be just one jurisdiction, up to all jurisdictions defined for the site's country. Any values specified through a TaxJurisdiction container will override any existing values defined in the seller's Sales Tax Table.

If GetTaxTable is called without the DetailLevel field, only tax jurisdictions where sales tax rates have been set up are returned. However, if the DetailLevel field is included in the request and set to ReturnAll, all tax jurisdictions are returned, regardless of whether or not the seller has modified settings for any/all of these jurisdictions.

This container is only returned in order-related 'Get' calls if sales tax is applicable to the order line item.

Note: As of January 1, 2019, buyers in some US states will automatically be charged sales tax for eBay purchases. eBay will collect and remit this sales tax to the proper taxing authority on the buyer's behalf. So, if a sales tax rate is established for a state that is subject to 'eBay Collect and Remit', this sales tax rate will be ignored by eBay during checkout process. For a list of the US states that will become subject to 'eBay Collect and Remit' (and effective dates), see the eBay sales tax collection help topic.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use TaxJurisdiction.