eBay Trading APIVersion 1113

ListingEnhancementDurationCodeType ( token )

This enumerated type contains the list of values that can be used by the seller to set the duration of a Featured Gallery in a fixed-price listing. Once set for a listing, the Featured Gallery duration can be increased from 'Days_7' to 'Lifetime' (throughout life of listing), but the duration cannot be decreased from 'Lifetime' to 'Days_7'.

No calls use ListingEnhancementDurationCodeType.

Enumeration Values

Value Description
Days_7 This value sets the Featured Gallery duration to seven days. If a listing has a Featured Gallery duration of seven days, it is possible to revise that item and set the Featured Gallery duration to 'Lifetime' (throughout life of listing) (
Lifetime This duration enables the Featured Gallery feature for the life of the listing. Once the Featured Gallery duration is set to 'Lifetime' for a listing, it cannot be changed.
  * See the Enumeration Index to see exact use of each enumeration value in the API.