eBay Trading APIVersion 1111


This type is used by the IntegratedMerchantCreditCardInfo container that is returned in the GetUser response if the seller has a payment gateway account on one or more eBay marketplaces. If a seller has a payment gateway account, that seller can pass in a value of IntegratedMerchantCreditCard as an accepted payment method field in an Add/Revise/Relist call, and that eBay listing will automatically show buyers the major credit cards that are accepted for that particular marketplace.

Note: Beginning on May 1, 2019, eBay will no longer support electronic payments through Integrated Merchant Credit Card accounts. To accept online credit card payments from buyers, a seller must use specify PayPal as an accepted payment method, or opt in to eBay Managed Payments program (if the program is available to that seller).

Type that uses IntegratedMerchantCreditCardInfoType:

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SupportedSite ( SiteCodeType ) [0..*]
This enumeration value indicates the eBay marketplace on which the seller has a payment gateway account, an account that allows the seller to accept credit card payments from buyers.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use SupportedSite.