eBay Trading API Version 947


No longer applicable to any category.

No calls use CharacteristicsSetType.


AttributeSetID ( int ) [0..1]
Not used by any call.

Numeric value that identifies the characteristic set in a language-independent way. Identifies the characteristic set that is mapped to a catalog-enabled category associated with the product. Unique across all eBay sites.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use AttributeSetID.

AttributeSetVersion ( string ) [0..1]
Not used by any call.

Version of the characteristics set. Not to be confused with AttributeSystemVersion, which can be used to retrieve changes to attribute meta-data. In item-listing requests, if you specify the version of the attribute set that you have stored locally, eBay will compare it to the current version on the site and return a warning if the versions do not match. If an error occurs due to invalid attribute data, this warning can be useful to help determine if you might be sending outdated data. The current value of version is not necessarily "greater than" the previous value.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use AttributeSetVersion.

Characteristics ( CharacteristicType ) [0..*]
Not used by any call.

A salient aspect or feature of an item. Used to describe an item in a standard way so that buyers can find it more easily. An individual, standardized characteristic that is common to all items within the specified characteristic set. In the context of GetProductSearchPage, each characteristic identifies a single searchable attribute. A searchable attribute is a product aspect or feature that can be used as a criterion in a search for catalog content. For example, "Title" might be a criterion for searching the book catalog for Pre- filled Item Information related to books. See the eBay Web Services guide for more information.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Characteristics.

Name ( string ) [0..1]
Not used by any call.

The well-known name of the characteristic set (e.g., "Tickets" or "Books").
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Name.