eBay Trading API Version 951


Contains data for controlling pagination in API requests. Pagination of returned data is required for some calls and not needed in or not supported for some calls. See the documentation for individual calls to determine whether pagination is supported, required, or desirable.

Types that use PaginationType:

Calls that use PaginationType:


EntriesPerPage ( int ) [0..1]
This integer value is used to specify the maximum number of entries to return in a single "page" of data. This value, along with the number of entries that match the input criteria, will determine the total pages (see PaginationResult.TotalNumberOfPages) in the result set. For most Trading API calls, the maximum value is 200 and the default value is 25 entries per page.

For GetOrders, the maximum value is 100 and the default value is 25 orders per page.

For GetUserDisputes, this value is hard-coded at 200, and any pagination input is ignored.

For GetProducts, the maximum value is 20, and any higher values are ignored.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use EntriesPerPage.

PageNumber ( int ) [0..1]
Specifies the number of the page of data to return in the current call. Default is 1 for most calls. For some calls, the default is 0. Specify a positive value equal to or lower than the number of pages available (which you determine by examining the results of your initial request). See the documentation for other individual calls to determine the correct default value.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use PageNumber.