Large Merchant Services

Large Merchant Services Tutorials

Note: Large Merchant Services (LMS) functionality as a SOAP service is deprecated and will be decommissioned by the end of April 2022. It is fully migrated into the REST-based Sell Feed API The Sell Feed API supports the same XML data files that LMS supported but through REST methods. For more information, see the LMS Migration Guide.

We provide a sample application so you can try the calls and get some experience with each of the services. The sample is provided as a executable JAR file, LMSSample.jar. The JAR file also contains the Java source files that you can explore, build, and run yourself. The sample can be used to upload files to add or revise inventory. Use this application to test your data files and to see how the APIs work together.

Download and extract the sample application zip file, The zip file contains ReadMe.txt, which describes how to run the sample. This Java .jar package was improved on 3/19/2010, so that you no longer have to load the Axis libraries to run the sample.

In addition, you can perform the steps in the tutorials that are located in the eBay Developer Knowledge Base: