Large Merchant Services

Large Merchant Services Release Notes

Note: Large Merchant Services (LMS) functionality as a SOAP service is deprecated and will be decommissioned by the end of April 2022. It is fully migrated into the REST-based Sell Feed API The Sell Feed API supports the same XML data files that LMS supported but through REST methods. For more information, see the LMS Migration Guide.

The versions of the three APIs required for Large Merchant Services are managed individually. Refer to the release notes for the latest information about changes or enhancements to each API:

API Description
Merchant Data API Release Notes This API defines the data that can be passed to and from the eBay servers in files.
Bulk Data Exchange API Release Notes This API describes how to manage the Large Merchant workflow, such as starting, stopping, and checking the status of data processing.
File Transfer API Release Notes This API defines how to pass large amounts of data to and from the eBay servers.

Please refer to the Large Merchant Services API Guide for general information about how to use each service, how the services work together, how to use eBay Large Merchant Services in coordination with the eBay Trading API, and with Platform Notifications.

For specifics on the format, headings, and examples of each type of call, see Making an API Call.

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