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The eBay Features Guide is your first resource for understanding how to work with eBay APIs and the eBay Developers Program. The information provided here is intended to help you plan your application by introducing the application development process, and describing the features and functionality that are available through eBay's APIs.


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How this Documentation is Organized

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Typographic Conventions

For more specific information about individual eBay APIs, see the API Call Reference documentation. Each set of API-specific reference pages includes a guide to making a call, release notes, and tutorials.

This documentation is updated for each release (see The eBay Developers Program Release Cycle). The release number for each API appears in the release notes and at the top of each page of the API's Call Reference.

Note: Throughout the eBay API documentation, you will occasionally encounter links that target pages you can see only if you're signed in to a particular eBay environment or site. If you're not signed in or you don't have an account on that site, you'll often be automatically redirected to a higher level page from which you can navigate to the appropriate signin page. Once signed in, the same links will now take you to the correct page. For more information, see About eBay Login Credentials.

Intended Audience

We assume you are an eBay Developers Program member who is comfortable working with XML. This guide doesn't include general information about using XML.

Please see Third-Party Resources for additional information.

How this Documentation is Organized

This documentation is organized into several parts.

Welcome to the eBay Features Guide covers the following subjects:

Basics and Concepts covers the following subjects:

Developing Applications covers the following subjects:

Platform Notifications covers the following subjects:

Related Documentation

In addition to the information in this guide, detailed information about each property in the Trading API is provided in the eBay Trading API Reference. This reference document describes the standard and call-specific input and output fields for Trading API calls. See:

eBay Trading API Reference

The eBay Trading API Reference also contains a Type Index page that contains links to all complex and enumerated data type definitions. In addition to defining the type, each Type HTML page contains all fields (with descriptions) of the type, as well as all calls and parent types that use that type. The Type Index can be useful if you are using an eBay SDK and you want to map the types in the schema to classes in the SDK. However, note that some calls only use a subset of the fields defined on a type (that's why you usually need to look at the "Call" view of the schema). See:

Type Reference

The Errors by Number documentation lists all of the error messages that could be encountered when invoking eBay Web services. The information for each error includes: error code, error severity, short error string, and long error string. All error messages are supplied only in English, but the error codes can be used as an index for a structure, array, or string table to supply messages in whatever language is desired. See:

Errors by Number

When the rules for a given property are not the same for all calls, the rules are described in the documentation.

Typographic Conventions

In this guide, we use the following typographic conventions:

Typographic Conventions Used in this Documentation
Format Meaning
bold Language- and protocol-independent references to call names, data types and fields; for example: "Use AddItem to list an item on an eBay site."
Dot.Separator Association or containment relationship; for example, Item.ShippingDetails means we are referring to the ShippingDetails field of the Item object.
monospace Literal values and messages, as well as snippets of sample code; for example: "Specify a listing type of FixedPriceItem when you list an item on the eBay site."
emphasis (italic) New terms; for example: "The Motors Local Market format lets subsribed motor dealers list motor vehicles for sale within a local area.

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