Note: API support for Half.com listings is coming to an end as of August 31, 2017. This means that sellers cannot list Half.com items, or process Half.com orders or payments through the public APIs. See the 1027 Release Notes for more information on what API calls, types, fields, and enumeration values were deprecated/affected by this change.

The Half.com site enables you to sell new and used Books, CDs, Movies, Games, and Game Systems. The items you list for sale will be seen by millions of potential buyers. You can list Half.com items for longer durations than eBay auction and fixed-price listings. Half.com takes a small commission when your item sells (you do not pay fees for unsold items).

Half.com by eBay


Buyers can browse and search the Half.com site to find your Half.com listings.

The sections below assume that you are familiar with basic eBay concepts such as items, order line items, and orders.

Note: The Sandbox does not support Half.com. It does not support registering as a Half.com seller, listing Half.com items, or processing Half.com orders or payments.

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