Including Pictures in the Search Results Gallery


Gallery, Gallery Plus, and Gallery Featured

Using an eBay Stock Photo as a Gallery Picture

Note: As of release 889, you can have 12 self-hosted or 12 EPS hosted pictures at no cost by specifying the URLs in the PictureURL field of the Add/Revise/Relist/Verify listing calls. On the US and Canada eBay Motors sites (for all vehicle listings) a listing can contain up to 24 pictures, with the first 12 being free.

All pictures must meet the pictures requirements. For a list of requirements, see Picture Requirements.

For information about listing new items, see Creating Item Listings. For information about retrieving items, see Retrieving Items.

Gallery, Gallery Plus, and Gallery Featured

When an item is listed, the first URL passed in the PictureDetails.PictureURL field is referred to as the Gallery image. This picture is displayed in the search results.

The Gallery feature has three types; Gallery, which is supported free on all sites, Featured, and Plus. These types are accumulative. This means if you specify Plus, you also get the features of Gallery and if you specify Featured, you also get all the features of Gallery and Plus.

You specify the Gallery type in the Item.PictureDetails.GalleryType field. Note: Passing the values Plus and Featured together in the same request will return an error.

For detailed information about each type see GalleryTypeCodeType.

Gallery A thumbnail size photo (Gallery image) of the item is included in the search results. Gallery is supported on all sites at no cost.

Gallery Plus When you hover over the thumbnail Gallery image, it displays a large (400px x 400px) preview image. Gallery Plus is supported on the US, CA, UK, and DE sites for a fee.


Gallery Featured Randomly highlights the listing and features it at the top of the search results. Gallery Featured is supported on the DE site for a fee.


Using an eBay Stock Photo as a Gallery Picture

eBay provides catalog information, including stock photos, for some commonly sold items (e.g., a iPhone 5 32g). To include a stock photo and other product information, including Item Specifics, use the ProductListingDetails container in an AddItem call. In the ProductListingDetails container, the seller will pass in an eBay catalog product ID or a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), and if a match is found in the eBay product catalog, the listing will be prefilled with the stock photo, a listing title, a listing description, and common item specifics for the product. For more information, see the ProductListingDetails container documentation, or see Using a Stock Photo in an Item Listing.

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