Using Feature Packs to Save on Upgrade Fees

Features packs are a bundle of listing upgrades that may be selected at listing time. Feature packs will generally save a seller on listing fees, as that seller would probably have to pay more for those features in the pack if those features were purchased separately instead of in the pack. The feature packs available on a particular site and in a particular category may vary.

The three feature packs are defined in ListingEnhancementsCodeType. The feature pack names in that enumerated type do not exactly correspond to the feature pack names on the eBay site.

To use a feature pack, you will include an Item.ListingEnhancement element in an add/revise/relist call for each feature pack you want to use. See the following example for how you would specify the Value Pack Bundle, which includes a picture gallery, a subtitle, and a listing designer template:

Example: Sample XML for Using a Feature Pack
  <SubTitle>This Product Works</SubTitle>

To see if one or more of the three feature packs are supported for a site, or within a particular category on that site, sellers can use GetCategoryFeatures. To see if the site/category supports the Pro Pack Bundle, Pro Pack Plus Bundle, and/or Value Pack Bundle, use GetCategoryFeatures and include one or more FeatureID request fields and set those fields to the appropriate value (either ProPack, ProPackPlus, and/or ValuePack). Then, in the response, look for either the ProPackEnabled, ProPackPlusEnabled, and/or ValuePackEnabled fields at the site level (SiteDefaults container) or at the category level (Category container). See the ListingEnhancementsCodeType type definition for more information on what features these packs contain.

If you use all the elements of a feature pack (for example, Gallery, Subtitle, and ListingDesigner), you will be charged only the feature pack price (for example, the price for ValuePackBundle). Additionally, if you use the ValuePackBundle feature pack, you should specify the sub-elements of ListingDesigner and PictureDetails.

When you use the ValuePackBundle feature pack for an item, you must provide information for the item to be listed in the Gallery (see Including Pictures in the Search Results Gallery). You also must provide a Subtitle value. Although the API requires the Listing Designer to have a layout and theme that are valid in order to get the Value Pack price, you need not provide Listing Designer values. Note that if a seller fills out the Sell Your Item form, the seller can check Gallery, Subtitle and Listing Designer (and not choose any layout or theme) and get the Value Pack price.

When you use the ValuePackBundle feature pack for an item, you can add your own layout and theme (standard themes and layouts are not required).

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