eBay Client Alerts APIVersion 1247

Call Index

This API Reference describes the elements and attributes for each call in the Client Alerts API.

Login is required if you are using the GetUserAlerts call, which retrieves alerts about items associated with a user who has subscribed to the alerts using the Trading API call SetNotificationPreferences. GetPublicAlerts does not require authentication, because it returns alerts about public events on the eBay web site.

Additional resources are available for this API. Please see the eBay Developer Documentation Center.

See also the calls in the eBay Trading API.

Call Summary Samples
GetPublicAlerts Retrieves a list of public channel messages. Input should be in name-value pair format. view
GetUserAlerts Retrieves alerts privately subscribed to by the user. Input should be in name-value pair format. view
Login Logs the client application in to the client alerts server. All subsequent GetUserAlerts calls will require the SessionID returned by this call. The SessionData element returned by this call includes a timestamp to keep track of when alerts have been retrieved. Request should be in name- value pair format. Return will be in JSON. view
Logout Logs the client application out of the client alerts server. Input should be in name-value pair format. Output will be in JSON. view