eBay Trading APIVersion 1077


Type defining the BuyerRequirementDetails.VerifiedUserRequirements container that is returned in GeteBayDetails. The VerifiedUserRequirements container provides the VerifiedUser and FeedbackScore values that may be used in listing calls to restrict unverified users who have Feedback scores below the minimum threshold.

Type that uses VerifiedUserRequirementsDetailsType:

Call that uses VerifiedUserRequirementsDetailsType:


FeedbackScore ( int ) [0..*]
The values returned in these fields are the values that may be used by the seller in the BuyerRequirementDetails.VerifiedUserRequirements container in listing calls. The FeedbackScore value passed into a listing call request will restrict unverified users with Feedback scores below the minimum threshold value from buying the item.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use FeedbackScore.

VerifiedUser ( boolean ) [0..1]
For eBay sites that support Verified User Requirements, this boolean is always returned as 'true'. If a seller uses the BuyerRequirementDetails.VerifiedUserRequirements in listing calls, the VerifiedUser field in that container should only be passed into the request if the seller is only willing to sell items to Verified Users. If the VerifiedUser field is omitted from the listing call, the specified FeedbackScore value will only apply to unverified users.

Currently, this feature is only supported by the following sites: UK, Australia, France, Spain, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore. However, this is subject to change, so it is always a good idea for the seller to call GeteBayDetails with DetailName set to BuyerRequirementDetails.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use VerifiedUser.