eBay Trading APIVersion 1161

SetPromotionalSaleListingsResponseType ( AbstractResponseType )

Note: While the Trading API continues to support item promotions for an eBay store owner, the Trading API will no longer be enhanced with any new item promotion capabilities as they are developed by eBay. In addition, Promoted Listings are also not supported by the Trading API. For these two reasons, it is recommended that sellers/developers make plans to migrate to the Marketing API, which provides all Promotions Manager and Promoted Listings capabilities, and this API will continue to be improved and enhanced as more marketing features become available to sellers. The base response of the SetPromotionalSaleListings call. Contains the status of a promotional sale.

Call that uses SetPromotionalSaleListingsResponseType:


The enumeration value in this field indicates the status of the promotional sale action (add or delete). See PromotionalSaleStatusCodeType for more information on status values.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Status.