eBay Trading APIVersion 1077


Type defining the ReturnPolicyDetails.Refund container that is returned in GeteBayDetails. All of the values (along with descriptions for each value) that can be used as a Refund Option when listing an item is returned under the ReturnPolicyDetails.Refund container.

Type that uses RefundDetailsType:

Call that uses RefundDetailsType:


Description ( string ) [0..1]
Display string that applications can use to present RefundOption in a more user-friendly format (such as in a drop-down list). Not applicable as input to the AddItem family of calls. (Use RefundOption instead.)
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Description.

RefundOption ( token ) [0..1]
Indicates how the seller will compensate the buyer for a returned item. This value can be passed in the Add/Revise/Relist/VerifyAdd API calls.

For RefundOption, the deprecated values on the US site are MerchandiseCredit and Exchange. Instead of these deprecated values, the seller must offer a MoneyBack or a MoneyBackOrExchange refund option. Consider using the MoneyBackOrExchange option when you have the depth of inventory to support an exchange for a different size, color, or undamaged unit. Otherwise, use the MoneyBack option if you have limited inventory.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use RefundOption.