eBay Trading APIVersion 1031


Currently applies to tickets. May apply to other categories in the future.

Type that uses QuantityInfoType:

Calls that use QuantityInfoType:


MinimumRemnantSet ( int ) [0..1]
Enables you (the seller) to avoid being left with 1 item in your listing. A typical use case is event tickets in reserved, adjacent seats, or items that typically only sell if more than 1 can be purchased at once.

Specify the minimum number of items that should remain if a buyer doesn't purchase all the items. Based on the value of MinimumRemnantSet and the listing's available quantity (Quantity-QuantitySold), eBay calculates how many items a buyer can purchase. For example, suppose you list 5 tickets, and you want at least 2 tickets remaining for the final buyer to purchase. In this case, you would set MinimumRemnantSet to 2. This means a buyer can purchase 1, 2, 3, or 5 tickets, but not 4 (because 4 would leave the seller with 1 ticket).

To remove this restriction when you revise or relist, set MinimumRemnantSet to 1.

Applicable to multi-quantity, fixed-price listings. Currently supported for US and CA event ticket listings.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use MinimumRemnantSet.