eBay Trading APIVersion 1039


Currently only applies to event-related categories. May apply to other categories in the future.

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MinimumRemnantSet ( int ) [0..1]
Enables a seller to avoid being left with quanity of 1 in an event listing. A typical use case is event tickets in reserved, adjacent seats, or items that typically only sell if more than one can be purchased at once.

Specify the minimum number of items that should remain if a buyer doesn't purchase all the items. Based on the value of MinimumRemnantSet and the listing's available quantity (Quantity-QuantitySold), eBay calculates the quantity that a buyer can purchase in one transaction. For example, suppose you list 5 tickets, and you want at least 2 tickets remaining for the final buyer to purchase. In this case, you would set MinimumRemnantSet value to 2. This means a buyer can purchase 1, 2, 3, or 5 tickets, but not 4 (because 4 would leave the seller with 1 ticket).

To remove this restriction when you revise or relist, set MinimumRemnantSet to 1.

Applicable to multiple-quantity, fixed-price listings. Currently supported for US and CA event ticket listings.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use MinimumRemnantSet.