eBay Trading APIVersion 1235

DisputeIDType ( string )

The unique identifier of an Unpaid Item case involving a buyer and seller.

Note: Despite the name, this type is now only used to identify an Unpaid Item case, and the identifier of an eBay case uses a 'case ID' and not a 'dispute ID'. However, the DisputeID field in Dispute calls handles Unpaid Item case IDs. These calls no longer support Item not Received (INR) or Significantly not as Described (SNAD) disputes created through PayPal, since this is no longer an option for eBay buyers. eBay buyers must create an INR case through eBay's Resolution Center, and these calls also do not support eBay Money Back Guarantee cases.

To respond to an eBay Money Back Guarantee case, the seller should use the Case Management calls of the Post-Order API or manage/respond to cases manually through the eBay Resolution Center.

Types that use DisputeIDType:

Calls that use DisputeIDType: