eBay Trading APIVersion 1235


This type is used by the DisputeFilterCount containers of the GetUserDisputes response to show how many disputes of a certain type that the user is involved in.

Note: The GetUserDisputes call now only retrieves Unpaid Item cases, and is no longer used to retrieve Item not Received (INR) disputes created through PayPal, since this is no longer an option for eBay buyers. However, the GetUserDisputes call is still currently returning counts for ItemNotReceivedDisputes, but the count is most likely to be 0.

Type that uses DisputeFilterCountType:

Call that uses DisputeFilterCountType:


DisputeFilterType ( DisputeFilterTypeCodeType ) [0..1]
The enumeration value returned here indicates the type/category of the dispute for which a count is being shown. For example, disputes awaiting a response, closed disputes, disputes eligible for Final Value Fee credit, etc.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use DisputeFilterType.

TotalAvailable ( int ) [0..1]
This integer value indicates the number of disputes that match the input criteria for the corresponding type/category of dispute.

Note that this field will not be returned for the type/category of dispute that was used as a filter in the DisputeFilterType field of the request, or if this filter is not used at all, this field (with the count) will not be returned for DisputesAwaitingMyResponse, which is the default value.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use TotalAvailable.