eBay Trading APIVersion 1019


A salient aspect or feature of a Half.com item that is specified by the seller so that a buyers can find the item more easily.

Type that uses AttributeType:

Calls that use AttributeType:


Value ( ValType ) [0..*]
A value the seller selected or entered for the Half.com item attribute. At least one value is required for each attribute that you specify. Some attributes can have multiple values.

If using an Add or Revise call to add or revise a Half.com item, this field is required.
See the Field Index to learn which calls use Value.


attributeID ( int )
Constant value that identifies the Half.com item attribute in a language-independent way. Unique within the attribute set.

attributeLabel ( string )
Name of the Half.com item attribute being specified. For GetOrders, this is always returned for Half.com orders. (It is not applicable to orders on the eBay.com site.) For Half.com, this field is required when you use an Add/Revise/Relist call.